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Workshops in Saint Sauveur

November 4, cost cialis 2012, Montreal
Environmental Health Association of Quebec EHAQ is a non-profit charitable organization that has a membership of 1,300 since its creation in 2004. The mission of EHAQ is to create awareness on Environmental Sensitivities (ES) (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Sensitivity which often overlap with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue) and to inform the population and decision makers on issues surrounding the protection of the environment and human health.

In order to help people who suffer from ES, in collaboration with UQAM, TELUQ and UQAM’s Service aux Collectivités, EHAQ will be holding training workshops on the biological and legal aspects of ES in the fall of 2012, in ten regions of Quebec. Workshops in Saint Sauveur will be held on Saturday November 24th and Sunday November 25th. Pre-registration is mandatory.

The two main goals of the workshops are 1) to help people who have this condition (and their entourage) understand what has happened to them and how to best manage this medical condition, and 2) to train resource people in the various regions of Quebec, who will be able to provide support to those with the condition. Community or volunteer groups are also encouraged to contact EHAQ for information on supporting individuals with this condition and partnering with the group on this project.

Environmental Sensitivities (ES) is a painful, chronic, multi-system condition that can develop in people of all ages, often following either a single massive exposure or repeated low level exposures to chemicals, electromagnetic radiation and other triggers released into the environment. Sufferers then become sensitive to substances or phenomena in their everyday environment at levels well below what would be considered to be acceptable to most people. Sensitivity reactions can be triggered by scented products, cleaning products, laundry detergents, paints, petrochemicals, cigarette smoke, pesticides, pets, plants, fuels, electromagnetic radiation, molds and foods.

In Québec, 179,000 people have a diagnosis of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. More than one million people in Canada are affected by this medical condition. In order to best manage their health, people suffering from ES must have access to spaces, services and products that are non-toxic. This condition is recognized by the Canadian Human Rights Commission as a disability and some provinces and countries around the world provide health and social services to sufferers.

The mission of EHAQ encompasses not only support (via education, resources, telephone line (provides comfort and information), support meetings, healthy housing, resource guide, newsletter, etc) for people suffering from ES but also prevention through education on the use of ecological strategies in order to maintain a healthy environment.