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A demand for recognition by the WHO

A demand for recognition by the WHO

Illnesses of environmental origin, rx what are they exactly?

To suffer from an environmental illness, doctor is to have a heightened sensitivity to electromagnetic fields and chemical substances that others can tolerate. Not only is this condition disabling, click but it is also unknown, with the exception of a few countries such as Sweden! Therefore the idea of an International Environmental Sensitivities Day on May 12th …

Published 12/05/2011 by Institut Moncey

A demand for recognition by the World Health Organization (WHO)

The associations of people who suffer from environmental sensitivities, which are made up of s who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS), desire an official recognition for which they will meet with the Director of Public Health and Environment of the WHO, on May 13th . The demand of recognition is based on a petition signed by 26 countries, more than 200 environmental health experts, more than 240 NGOs, foundations and organizations in the domain of environmental health and the environment.

Multiple symptoms

If illnesses of environmental origin have so much trouble to be recognized, it is because it is very difficult to link their symptoms to a particular environmental factor (even when s say that they feel better when they are no longer exposed) and because symptoms vary greatly. They range from neurological to respiratory and digestive ailments, to immune system, dermatological, endocrine, and cardiovascular problems or Otolaryngology (ORL). In addition, doctors are not trained to recognize these environmental illnesses because they are not officially recognized: a real vicious circle.

Our advice

Recognizing environmental illnesses will undeniably permit research to advance. While waiting to know more, a diagnosis of environmental illness remains a diagnosis of exclusion since no other causes can be found. Getting rid of the environmental factors that are causing illness is already very complicated (electromagnetic fields and chemical products are everywhere), but if the WHO finally recognizes these illnesses; governments will be obligated to take real measures to protect people.

(Source : Regroupement international des associations de malades de pathologies environnementales :