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ASEQ-EHAQ videos / presentations

Welcome to our video / conference page.
Below are the names of the speakers, year of presentation and title of the presentation.
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ASEQ-EHAQ videos / presentations

2019: John Molot, MD.

MCS 2019 Update: What’s New Since 2018?

2019: David Fancy, Ph.D

Electrical Hypersensitivity and the Social Model of Disability

2019: Meg Sears, Ph. D

Why are more Canadians getting chronically sick? Modernizing exposures assessment and regulation

2018: John Molot, MD

Call of the Canaries. From pre-conception to your golden years: Why does your environment matter?

2018: Ken Flegel, MD

Artificial Scents Have No Place in Our Hospitals

2018: Lynn Marshall, MD

Enhanced Health While in Hospital (accommodation of chemical sensitivities in hospitals)

2018: Meg Sears, Ph.D

Accommodation of environmental sensitivities for healthy spaces

2018: Paola DeCicco, ND

How Environmental Toxins Effect Our Health. Detoxify!

2018: Michel Gaudet, Executive Director, ASEQ-EHAQ

Healthy living – choose wisely

2017: John Molot, MD

The Canaries Are Real; Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

2017: Michel Gaudet, Executive Director, ASEQ-EHAQ

Environmental Sensitivities – Legal aspects

2017: Paul Héroux, Ph.D

Are Electromagnetically and Chemically-Hypersensitive people Metabolically different from Everyone Else?

2017: Stéphane Bélainsky

Electromagnetic fields in our homes: mitigating our environment

2014: John Molot, MD

Toxic Legacy and Gender Inequality