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Hospital protocol

A Practical Guide for Hospital Staff
Part 1: Pollution Prevention
Part 2: Environment-Sensitive Care

This guide is based on current knowledge and parts of it may be changed as new research findings emerge with regard to the effects of environment on health and effective prevention and remediation strategies. Suggestions are offered which may assist refinement of hospital policies that promote and protect and staff health, sale and optimize care for individual s with environment-linked illnesses. It is acknowledged that the available evidence upon which these suggestions are based varies in quantity, for sale type and quality. Some suggestions in this guide may not be suitable for some hospitals.This publication was developed as a collaborative process over several years, click and thus in total may not necessarily represent the views of individual contributors.The Canadian Society for Environmental Medicine assumes no liability for any damage, injury or expense that may be incurred as a result of this publication.

Where to find treatment

Environmental health
Doctors & clinics, environmental medicine
Dentists (environmental health)
Laboratory Testing (for toxins in the human body)