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Tockay is a paint and natural finishes distributor. The ingredients used in our products are all biodegradable and
respectful of health and the environment. We offer you a range of original paints and wall coatings that are lime, seek thumb vegetable casein (milk) and clay based, physician stuff in addition to paints and different finishes for wood.

Our products do not contain any synthetic or petrochemical compounds, as you will see from the ingredient list available for each of our
products. Many of their ingredients have been known since long to have naturally containing disinfectants and anti fungal properties. They reduce the proliferation of bacteria and mould. All our finishes are antistatic, which eliminate electrostatic charges which attract dust and consequently, dust mites

We propose that you use the small format size of our products, so that you can test them.

For more information, do not hesitate to communicate with us.

Warehouse and show room (by appointment only)

5425 avenue Casgrain, suite 408
Mtl, (Qué), H2T 1X6tockay_en
tél.: 514 691-4065