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Angela Monseratte

I have suffered from environmental sensitivities (chemical, mould and electromagnetic sensitivity) since 1986. This condition made it impossible to tolerate products with a Petro-chemical base (personal, cleaning, construction and renovation products, all fragranced products, newsprint, all new products, etc.) and devices that emitted electromagnetic frequencies, such as computers and cell phones.

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Marlene Higgins

I had been a teacher doing special education for many years. I had a successful career and was competent and skilled in my work. In the late 1970’s my husband and I started remodelling and renovating homes for resale. We used the products that were available on the market at that time with no knowledge about their toxicity.

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Mélanie Labonté

I am writing about my illness related to the environment after prolonged exposure to mold and a multiple toxic cocktail of various incitants such as chemicals, mould, etc. I also want to let you know how the Environmental Health Association of Quebec (ASEQ-EHAQ) helps people with the condition of Environmental Sensitivities, with the primary goal of raising awareness and educating about environmental health issues.

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Paula McKeown

As a member of the Environmental Health Association of Quebec (ASEQ-EHAQ), the Association has always been and remains close to my heart to this day. It is extremely valuable and important, both on a personal and collective level. When I first discovered I had Environmental Sensitivities, which is a disability, I was confused, isolated and felt demolished and abandoned. It felt like I had been kicked out of my own life.

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