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Scent-Free Policy

Why and how to make the change to perfume… free.

Sign our petition to the National Assembly of Quebec for the use of less to non-toxic products and a scent free policy in hospitals and other health establishments.


Print a poster to educate people about the effect of fragrances



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It is imperative – People attending our meetings must be scent-free

Many of our members suffer serious, prescription debilitating symptoms on exposure to low levels of chemicals and other agents such as moulds and electromagnetic fields. These people suffer from Environmental Sensitivities, which includes Multiple Chemical Sensitivity(MCS) and Electromagnetic Sensitivity(ES).

The term ‘sensitivity’ does not adequately describe the many painful and varied symptoms that cause sufferers to become sick and often disabled upon exposure to very low levels of incitants. The Canadian Human Rights Commission recognizes that ‘this medical condition is a disability’, that sufferers are ‘entitled to protection of the Canadian Human Rights Act which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability.’ This disability is required to be accommodated like any other disability.

According to Statistics Canada, 2003, 2.4% of the population have a diagnosis of MCS from a medical doctor. This is very significant, because the majority of medical doctors have not been formally educated about this medical condition. It is felt by experts in the field that the numbers are actually much higher. Most people who developed this condition were once active, productive people. Many can identify the chemical, pesticide or event that triggered this condition.

Meeting places that are suitable are very hard to come by. In order that participants in a meeting can be involved and be part of society without being harmed from personal care products, the following must be observed. We are open to questions you may have about the process for change. Becoming a scent-free household will surely benefit your health and the health of your family.

Here are some tips on how to be scent-free

List of products acceptable to attend meetings

Please remember that fragrances take a while to leave. It is better to prepare yourself well in advance of a meeting.

Shampoo and conditioner

Druide, Nature Clean, Praire Naturals, Aubrey Organics, (All non-scented) Marcelle (hypoallergenic)

Body soap

Druide, Olivier soaps, Kiss My Face soap non-scented


Kiss My Face (non-scented), Liquid Rock (non-scented), Druide (pure&pur), Crystal, Dr. Mist, Green

Beaver (non-scented), Earthwise (baking soda, non-scented)

Hydrating cream

Druide, Clinique (non-scented), Druide (pur&pure), Kiss My Face (non-scented, olive & aloes), Oils

(coconut, olive, almond, avocado)

Sun screen

Green Beaver (non-scented)

Make up

Ecco Bella, Logona, Marcelle, Clinique, Almay, Vichy pure (all non-scented)

Laundry soap

Simply Clean, Kirkland brand (non-scented), Nature Clean, 7th Generation, soap nuts

Clothes Softener

Nature Clean, Static Eliminator, 7th Generation, dryer balls

Hand soap

Lemieux pure, Nature Clean, Druide (pure&pur)

Shaving cream and lotion

Aveeno (non-scented), Kiss My Face (non-scented), Druide Lotion tonic camomille & rice proteins

Products for the hair

Druide (pur & Pure), Aloe gel

Note :

  • Please do not wear dry cleaned clothes
  • Read labels: there are some products marked ‘non-scented’, however the list of ingredients contain perfume.

If you need help, contact us.