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SaunaRay Medical Grade Saunas

“Built for people with chemical sensitivities”

SaunaRay staff have worked with top level environmental doctors including Dr. William Rea at the Environmental Health Centre in Dallas, treatment Texas, and Dr. Jozef Krop, pioneering practitioner of sauna therapy and author of Healing the Planet, One Patient at a Time. We have learned that attention to purity on every element of construction is critical to a successful detoxification machine. Comfort of the person inside is also paramount, because longer sessions are attempted by many practitioners.

SaunaRay is built with solid Canadian Basswood, allergy free. Its heaters are 100% pure ceramic medical grade far infrared emitters. The EMF emission is 0.2 miligas, considered by Intertek Electric Safety of Toronto to be the lowest it has ever measured.

We build our units to provide the greatest comfort possible. SaunaRay has a unique design that places its heaters in the corners. They are away from your body but surround you with 360 degrees of gentle far infrared heat.

For More information contact SaunaRay:
P.O. Box 188, Collingwood (Ont.) L9Y 3Z5
Toll Free at 1-877-992-1100
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SaunaRay is 100% Made In Canada