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Montreal Business Products Druide
[toggle title=”description”]The range of Pur & Pure body care products is fragrance-free. Before considering a trip to the store, consider ing online, because of the following benefits: • Free shipping if the order exceeds $ 60. • Shipping the same day or the next day! • Our satisfaction guarantee 30 days. • Access to our full range of 181 products! • You get 10% off if you order through ASEQ-EHAQ. Use the password ‘ASEQ’ when you place your order![/toggle]
Montreal Business Food Épicerie Mondiana 1130 Rue Bélanger Montréal, QC, H2S 1H4
[toggle title=”description”]Biological products, hygiene products and environmental cleaning products. Good prices.[/toggle]
Montreal Organization Legal Union des travailleurs et travailleures accidenté-e-s de Montréal uttam 2348 rue Hochelaga Montréal (QC) H2K 1H8 514-527-3661
[toggle title=”description”]A popular advocacy group • a group for victims of accidents and occupational diseases • a group that advocates for improvements to living conditions and working conditions of workers[/toggle]
Tout le Québec Organization Legal Aide aux travailleurs accidentés 136, avenue de Gaspé Est (route 132) Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (Québec) G0R 3G0 Téléphone: 418 598-9844 Télécopieur: 418 598-9853
[toggle title=”description”]Information on the rights of injured and the steps to take • Listening and monitoring throughout the claims process and rehabilitation • Technical assistance in drafting correspondence and completion of the forms • Psychological support for physical rehabilitation, social and professional • legal consultations with lawyers specializing in labor law • Representation to the CSST and the employment injuries Commission • references to medical expertise and other useful references for legal, economic and psycho-social[/toggle]
Laurentides Business Products Boutique Bio-Terre 27, rue de l’Église St-Sauveur Tél: . (450) 227.3246
[toggle title=”description”]Many ecological products and also Lemieux soaps.[/toggle]
Province of Quebec Business Other Nature Cristalline
[toggle title=”description”]Nature Crystalline offers a unique range of equipment that combines cutting-edge technology to improve your overall health. Building on the principle of Ionization and the use of advanced filtration and purification solutions …[/toggle]
Province of Quebec Service Health EMF-Bioshield®
[toggle title=”description”]There are synergies between chemical pollution, plants, environmental, and electromagnetic, computers, TV screens, mobile phones, and WiFi transmitters. Through our work, it is possible to protect yourself, with elements that have received the Scientific GOLD medal from the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (Switzerland). This has allowed many EHS return to normal life[/toggle]
Montreal Business Food Le Jardin des Anges
[toggle title=”description”]Delivery baskets of organic products at home[/toggle]
Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean Service Tourism/Restaurants/Leisure Auberge Carcajou
[toggle title=”description”]Accommodation and food (open to accommodation): fragrance free room, compliance with dietary restrictions, hall to rent, turn off the WiFi on request.[/toggle]
Centre-du-Québec Service Tourism/Restaurants/Leisure Hôtel L’Oiselière, Saint-Nicolas
[toggle title=”description”]Offers rooms without carpet and on demand without perfume. * Please note there is a pool so there is a chlorine smell at the entrance but imperceptible rooms on the 3rd floor.[/toggle]
Province of Quebec Business Consumer products Nettoyants Lemieux
[toggle title=”description”]Range of products (washing powder, soap) no perfume, no odor (Pur)[/toggle]
Province of Quebec Organization Food supply hypotoxic plan www.Jacquelinelagacé.net
[toggle title=”description”]How I overcame the pain and inflammation through diet (author Jacqueline Lagacé). The hypotoxic system eliminates food sources of pro-inflammatory molecules that our body has trouble to get rid of. It can help people with chronic symptoms of different causes.[/toggle]
Province of Quebec Commerce Products FibrEthik
[toggle title=”description”]Organic cotton products[/toggle]
Province of Quebec Service Housing 3E Inc. – Stéphane Bélainsky Tel. 450.436.1304
[toggle title=”description”]Specialist electromagnetic hygiene. Home assessment and proposed mitigation.[/toggle]