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Organic food

Organic food


Vol. 18 no.1 Spring 2010

Dear Friend of Miracle Farms, a new spring season is upon us. Here is some news from the farm, and an order form. Please reply within 10 days (April 29) so we can order chicks.

Following is some news, membership information, an order form, animal information and directions to the farm.

We have had a busy pruning season and are into a vigorous planting season. More fruit trees (apple, pear, plum and cherry), more berry bushes, more raspberries (fall bearing), flowers, herbs, veggies. For those who have not seen our 2 new orchards we are following permaculture principles. These are definitely not your regular monoculture orchards. No fruit tree is next to its own kind, no apple next to another apple or pear next to a pear… This is done to make it harder for insects and disease that cause damage. Each row is planted by harvest date. For example in the first week of September you will be able to walk down a lane and find 9 kinds of apples, 3 kinds of pears, 2 kind of plums as well as flowers, vegetables, herbs, raspberries, strawberries,… everything ripe that week, all in the same row. We call it the grocery store concept. Just like in a grocery store where you are used to walking down an isle and picking one of these and 2 of those. You will now be able to do the same but in farm and garden produce. This fall there will just be teaser amounts of the new fruit, since the trees are still small. Each year they will be bearing more and more. We still have the old orchard for apples as well as vegetables from the land of Frank, located on the farm. We will raise animals on order ONLY.

We operate as a members only farm. That was our original design nearly 20 years ago. We are returning to our roots. We want to keep a small more personal approach. Guests accompanying members are welcome. There is always something to do and taste. We have embarked on a wonderful journey of enjoyment and discovery.

We would be delighted to have you and your family join our “Family” of members, who will be enjoying some of the best food they ever ate and a relaxing family recreation, all in a beautiful country setting. Our beyond organic approach uses no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Our mission is to provide you with farm-fresh, health giving, highly nutritious and contamination-free foods that taste as they were created to taste.

For our pre-apple harvest season, we will be open one Saturday per month (June 26, July 24, August 21). During harvest season, we will be open: Sept. 19, Sept. 25-26, Oct.2. Our hours are always 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We do not live there, so we’re open on a limited basis.

We have the following food items for sale on our farm this year:

Fruit: apples, plums, a taste of pear, fall raspberries, water melons, black and red currants.
Vegetables: asparagus, potatoes, squash, pumpkin, sweet corn, carrots, rhubarb, garlic.
Fowl (all pasture raised): chicken, turkey, duck, goose, guinea fowl, pheasant, quail.
Other meat: pasture raised rabbit, orchard raised lamb.
Your personal farmers,
Stefan & Doreen Sobkowiak, Frank Teuton (Frank’s Garden)
Les Fermes MIRACLE Farms, 1713 Leclair, Verdun, Quebec H4H 2M9, Tel:514-830-9640.
p.s. please feel free to forward this newsletter to friends who may be interested or post it at your work place.


Click for Google Directions

Mercier Bridge to Hwy 138 West through Chateauguay, Ormstown, Huntingdon. Always follow 138 West. Take 3rd road right (NW) after Huntingdon
1st = Mtee Smellie
2nd = Mtee Carr
3rd = Mtee Leblanc, follow sign to Cazaville.
In Cazaville, turn right (NE) at Ch. Riv. de La Guerre (4 way stop), 300 meters on the left is
Miracle Farms, (the only orchard in the area)

Hwy 20 West, take the Valleyfield exit (201 South, Pont Mgr. Langlois, Valleyfield exit), continue on 201 South through Valleyfield to 132 West, through Ste-Barbe, St-Anicet, then you will see the Cazaville sign, slow down and turn left (South) on é, go 300 meters, at 4 way stop, turn left (East) on . Ch.Riv. de La Guerre, 200 meters on the left is Miracle Farms, (the only orchard in the area)


Our pasture raised fowl get sunshine and exercise while eating insects, plants, the grain we feed them and all the apples they want. These birds are NOT fed any medicated feed, antibiotics or growth hormones. We have raised fowl most years since 1993 (that astonished seasoned experts by the quality and vigor of our birds). Fowl should be available at the end of the months of August and October.

CHICKEN: Our objective is to raise 8 week old chickens to weigh 2 kg (4- 4.5 lbs.). At which time they will be prepared for you to pick up. Word of mouth (or is it taste of mouth) is spreading the merits of our chicken, fast.

TURKEY: Our turkey most years were terrific! We rediscovered an old secret to hardy, healthy turkey; gravel of mixed rock type. All our birds eat so much of it as grit, to help their gizzards grind their food and thus get abundant minerals, that our gravel driveway is now a grassy driveway. No joke. Ground up mixed rock is the essence of healthy soil, plants, animals and people. We are totally convinced. A 4- 6 kg (9- 13 lbs.) turkey is the expected weight.

DUCK: If you’ve never tried duck give it a try. At 2 kg (4-4.5 lbs.) they make a nice supper at home that is more of a treat than going out. The meat is dark and juicy with its own distinctive flavour.

GOOSE: Geese area real 2 legged lawn mowers. One of their favorite plants is dandelion. When eating `salad` greens all summer geese develop a dark meat that needs to be correctly prepared. Their meat is lean but they have a layer of fat under the skin which makes them self- basting, when the skin is pricked all over before roasting. Try one for a holiday meal or when entertaining. They are ready at 4 kg (9 lbs.).

GUINEA FOWL: Guineas are my favorite. They are the sweetest tasting fowl I’ve tried and at 800 grams, 1 bird is just right for 4. When raised outdoors they develop dark meat and dark skin so prized by gourmets. France with its gastronomes know great tasting food, that is why they raise 60 million guinea fowl a year! By comparison, in Quebec only 28,000 per year were raised at last count. If you’re the least bit adventurous with food you will enjoy it and look forward to your next meal of guinea fowl.

PHEASANT: Historically, a meal for kings. We had one prepared by an apprentice chef friend in a nice sauce with wild rice and fresh lightly steamed vegetables, wwooww. They were our toughest bird to raise. At any opportunity they would escape. We learned a lot and expect to be able to supply all the pheasant ordered.

QUAIL: Compared to pheasant quail were easy to raise and reach maturity so fast, just 6 weeks. Count on 1 bird per person per meal since quail are small birds, around 200 grams.

RABBIT: A meal of rabbit always makes a nice change from the usual diet. We expect to have a good supply this year since they breed like…

LAMB: An increasing popular meat. When raised on grass, lamb have the highest omega-3 content of the usual meats. Lamb is sold as a half or whole lamb (20-60 lbs, 9-27kg,) cut up according to your preference.

Variété de volailles et lapins

Nos volailles élevées sur pâturage obtiennent du soleil et de l’exercice pendant qu’elles mangent des insectes, plantes, des grains et toutes les pommes qu’elles veulent. Ces oiseaux sont nourris avec une nourriture SANS médicaments, antibiotiques ou hormones de croissance. Nous élevons des volailles pratiquement à chaque année depuis 1993. Les volailles seront prêtes à la fin des mois d’août et d’octobre.POULET: Notre objectif est d’élever des poulets jusqu’à 8 semaines au poids de 2 kg (4- 4.5lbs.). À ce stade ils seront prêts pour vous. Les mérites de nos poulets se propagent rapidement.

DINDE: Nos dindes sont magnifiques! Nous avons redécouvert un vieux secret pour obtenir des dindes en santé et plein de vie; du gravier de roches mixtes. Tous nos oiseaux ont tellement mangé de gravier pour aider leurs gésiers à broyer la nourriture, que nous devons remettre quelques voyages de gravier sur l’entrée de la ferme! Pas de farce. Des roches mixtes broyées sont à la base de la santé du sol, des plantes, des animaux et des humains. Le poids prévu des dindes est de 4-6 kg (9- 13 lbs).

CANARD: Si vous n’avez jamais essayé le canard, faites le. À 2 kg (4-4.5 lbs) un canard donne un souper à la maison qui surpasse un souper à l’extérieur. La viande est brune, juteuse avec une saveur distincte.

OIE: L’oie est une tondeuse sur deux pattes. Le pissenlit est un de leur mauvais herbe favori. En mangeant des «salades vertes» toute l’été, les oies développent une chair foncée qui nécessite une préparation adéquate. Leur viande est maigre mais elles ont une couche de graisse directement sous la peau alors il faut piquer la peau avant la cuisson afin de créer un «arrosage». Essayez une oie pour les fêtes. Elles pèsent environ 4 kg (9 lbs).

PINTADE: Les pintades sont mes favorites. Elles sont la volaille la plus sucré que j’ai goûté et à 800 grammes, un oiseau suffit pour quatre. Nos pintades élevées à l’extérieur développent une chaire et une peau foncées, une combinaison si recherchée par les gourmets. Les gastronomes de la France reconnaissent une bonne nourriture, c’est pour cela qu’ils élèvent 60 millions de pintades par année! En comparaison, le Québec élève seulement 28,000 au dernier décompte. Si vous êtes un peu aventurier avec votre nourriture, vous l’apprécierez et vous aurez hâte à votre prochain repas de pintade.

FAISAN: Historiquement un met de roi. Un ami qui est apprenti chef nous a préparé un faisan avec une belle sauce, du riz sauvage et des légumes à la vapeur, wwoww. Pour nous, les faisans sont l’oiseau le plus difficile à élever. Ils s’échappent à chaque occasion. On a beaucoup appris et espérons pouvoir fournir tous les faisans commandés!

CAILLES: Comparativement au faisan, les cailles sont faciles à élever et maturent à 6 semaines. Compter sur un oiseau par personne par repas car les cailles sont de petits oiseaux d’environ 200 grammes.

LAPIN: Un repas de lapin est un bon changement dans sa diète. C’est une viande très maigre. Nous prévoyons avoir une quantité suffisante cette année parce qu’ils se reproduisent comme…

AGNEAU: Une viande qui ne cesse de croître en popularité. Élevé sur paturage, c’est l’agneau qui a le plus haut taux d’oméga-3 de toutes nos viandes (habituelles). L’agneau est vendu en moitié ou en entier (9-27kg, 20-60 lbs) découpé selon vos préférences.


Membership Information: $55.00 annual fee includes:

1. (20 lbs) of no-spray apples any variety.
2. Anyone in the family, living at the same address, can come to the farm during open hours. Guests accompanying members are welcome.
3. Opportunity to any of the farm fresh food in season right on the farm. Delivery of some items is available for a fee.
4. Invitations to our cookouts (lamb mechouis, chicken BBQ’s, corn roast).
5. Opportunities to come out for a great day in the country and try some of our fruit, pick a bouquet of flowers, watch the birds, read a good book under a fruit laden tree (watch out for falling fruit, then again you may have a Newtonian moment).
6. A newsletter sent to you two (2) times per year (winter, summer-fall) to inform you of upcoming produce, recipes and any interesting thoughts on farming, food and health…
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Membership Application
$55.00 Annual Fee
Postal address: _______________________________________
Email address: ________________________________________
To help us plan the coming season’s production please enter estimates which in no way commit you to , they just help us produce without oversupply. For the coming season (June-Oct) I would approximately: (circle lbs or kg)
__________ lbs (kg) Potatoes (Aug-Sept) __________ lbs (kg) tomatoes (Aug-Sept)
__________ lbs (kg) Carrots __________ lbs (kg) Honey
__________ No. of 2liter Apple Juice (Oct)** __________ No. of water melons
__________ No. of squash
** fresh pressed apple juice freezes very well.
Meat and MEMBERSHIP Order Form
Meats:$/Kg Qty for AugQty for OctDepositQty x Deposit = total
Chicken@ $10.00/Kg____________$10.00
Turkey@ $10.00/Kg______$20.00
Duck@ $12.00/Kg______$10.00
Goose@ $12.00/Kg______$20.00
Guinea Fowl@ $20.00/Kg______$10.00
Pheasant@ $20.00/Kg______$10.00
Quail@ $30.00/Kg____________$2.00
Rabbit@ $20.00/Kg______$10.00
Half Lamb@ $24.00/Kg______Nov$100.00
Whole Lamb@ $20.00/Kg______Nov$150.00
Total Deposit for meats
Membership fee$55.00
Total deposit + membership = TOTAL

If you are interested in becoming a member of our farm,
1) please fill out and return this application form and your order form by email (cut paste and fill out)
2) By snail mail (postal service) send your check for the TOTAL amount above, payable to: MIRACLE Farms. Mail to:
Miracle Farms, 1713 Leclair, Verdun, QC H4H 2M9
We will acknowledge by email within 1 week of receiving your check. Sorry we have not yet entered the online payment era (coming soon, hopefully)