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Expertise Électromagnétique Environnementale 3E inc.

Expertise Électromagnétique Environnementale 3E inc.

Our mission is to preserve and promote the health of living beings in their environment through electromagnetic hygiene.

We offer environmental electromagnetic hygiene services by onsite surveys, try applied solutions and informational services.

Health through electromagnetic hygiene in our living areas is our main focus and we offer our services to anyone who is concerned.

Detect, Measure, Report, Inform & Mitigate

  • Magnetic and electric fields
  • Radio waves & Microwaves
  • Local Earth field strength variation
  • Applied mitigation solutions

Electromagnetic field(EMF) expertise

  1. Evaluation of homes, living and sleeping areas in regards of exposure assessment towards AC magnetic and electrical fields, DC magnetic Earth density field, microwave and radio frequencies.
  2. Land assessment to evaluate power line sites or adjacent radio and cell phone transmitters.
  3. Applied mitigation solutions

Contact : Stéphane Bélainsky
Tél.: 450.436.1304