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Event: Workshop on Environmental Sensitivities – 2019


There will be a workshop on environmental sensitivities

When the Environment Makes you ill: Need to understand, Need to Act!’

Where: Montreal (call ASEQ for details)

When: October 6 from 1:00 to 4 :00 p.m.

Whom is this workshop for:
People suffering from environmental sensitivities and their families and can also include professionals who support them such as lawyers, building managers, medical personnel, etc. People who don’t have this condition can also attend, but will have to follow the ‘no-fragrance/scent’ and ‘no-wireless technology policy’.

What does the workshop cover?
It covers the biological, legal and social aspects of environmental sensitivities and how to best manage this condition. It also includes how to address workplace accommodation.
You will receive a folder with material on environmental sensitivities which include tips on how to manage your daily life, how to ask for accommodation, and other important information relevant to this medical condition.

To register: Please contact ASEQ. Telephone: 514 332 4320

Please note, this is a fragrance/scent-free and also a wireless device-free meeting. Make sure that all the products you have used in the days preceding this event are free from any fragrances or scents. Exposure to low levels of fragrances or scents will make people ill and unable to benefit from the workshop. Turn your phone to airplane mode and then switch it off BEFORE you enter the building. People who are electro sensitive will get ill for the duration of the workshop and beyond if you walk in with your cell phone on. In addition, kindly turn off any emitting device such as a laptop, iPod or tablet.