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John Molot

Dr. John Molot has been practising environmental medicine for more than 30 years. He has seen more than 12,000 people with environmentally linked conditions, like MCS. He has developed and provided workshops for both the Canadian and Ontario Colleges of Family Physicians regarding Sick Building Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and on how to take an environmental exposure history. He chaired the subcommittee which developed a two-day, four module workshop, entitled Environment-linked Illnesses – Prevention, Diagnosis and Management from Preconception to Old Age. He wrote and has presented the module entitled, Common Chronic Illnesses and the Environment, and collaborated on and presented the module entitled, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Chemical Intolerance Linked to Environment Exposures: Office Assessment and Management. These modules are accredited for continuing professional development for practising physicians. Dr. Molot wrote the Academic and Clinical Perspectives segment of a business case proposal to build a Centre of Excellence in Environmental Health, funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MoHLTC), and which contains more than 1100 citations. As a result of this proposal, the MoHLTC has created a Task Force on Environmental Health to which he have been appointed by the Minister of Health and Long Term Care. Dr. Molot works at the University of Toronto-affiliated Environmental Health Clinic, at Women's College Hospital in Toronto, which is a teaching hospital. He has taught medical students from the Universities of Toronto, Ottawa, Queens, Laval and Alberta, plus residents in family medicine and public health, including the post-graduate enhanced…
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