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Stéphane Bélainsky

Stéphane Bélainsky is an electromagnetic hygiene technician, founding president of 3E.

Aircraft and Helicopter Maintenance Technician, Bachelor in Operations Management with a long professional and educational pathway including biology, neuroscience, electricity and electromagnetic field metrology. He is now able to bring us more than 12 years of experience in the field and share his expertise in this new modern profession.

A popular lecturer and popularizer, he has a practical, technological, scientific and current view of the subject as well as the reality of people who are more sensitive to electromagnetic exposures.

President of 3E Environmental Electromagnetic Expertise; The first independent eastern Canadian company offering a wide range of professional services in metrology, diagnosis and mitigation of electromagnetic fields.

Artificial electromagnetic waves have invaded our bodies and our ecosphere; It is a scientific fact. We are now exposed to levels billions of times greater than what nature has been offering us for millennials.

Together for a few moments, let us make visible the apparently invisible in our homes. Let us try to better understand the reality of living in a wireless world.

Identify important sources and discover simple, easy-to-use electromagnetic hygiene tips while staying connected.

Do not miss this electrifying encounter.