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May 12 – Environmental Sensitivities Day 2018

Online pre-recorded conference: THE CALL OF THE CANARIES. From pre-conception to your golden years: Why does your environment matter? CLICK ABOVE LINK TO FIND OUT MORE AND REGISTER

14th Annual General Meeting 2018

We are pleased to invite you to our 14th Annual General Meeting Conference Putting out the FIRE Are Environmental Toxins Your Roadblock to Health? Speaker: Paola DeCicco BSc, ND

Get Together for the Holiday Season! 2017

ASEQ has planned a pot luck get together for the Holiday Season! A talk by Dr Barry Breger "Coping With the Holidays: How to minimize fallout"   - Lunch! - Games! Prizes to be won! All are welcome! Date: Saturday...

Workshops in fall 2017

Workshops in the Autumn! Register to have a place! First come, first serve! Spaces limited! EHAQ will be holding workshops in October and November on Environmental Sensitivities. The title of the workshop is ‘When the Environment Makes you Ill: Need...
MCS by Martin Pall

MCS by Martin Pall

Hypersensibilité Chimique Multiple (HCM) au sein de la revue «Toxicologie...
Téléphonie mobile, Wifi,Wimax et Santé : état des lieux (french only)

Téléphonie mobile, Wifi,Wimax et Santé : état des lieux (french only)

Extraits choisis du Colloque Téléphonie mobile, Wifi,Wimax et Santé :...

1999 MCS consensus statement

This article was published in the May/June 1999 issue of...

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Sign our petition to the National Assembly of Québec for the use of less to non-toxic products and a scent free policy in hospitals and other health establishments.

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3 weeks ago
ASEQ- Entrevue télévisé - ASEQ television interview

ASEQ- Entrevue télévisé- À voir! - ASEQ television interview- must watch!

English Text Follows Bonjour, SVP partagez ce message. Voici un lien pour voir une entrevue télévisé avec le docteur Ken Flegel et Michel Gaudet de...

3 weeks ago
Chemical Exposures and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is surely a time of vulnerability for the woman and the unborn child. Watch this video by Dr. John Molot to leanr about chemical exposure and pregnancies.

La grossesse est certainement un moment de vulnérabilité pour la femme et l'enfant à naître. Regardez cette vidéo du Dr John Molot pour en savoir plus sur l'exposition aux produits chimiques et les grossesses.

#nature #river #ecosystem #quebec #canada #montreal #turningthetide #water #backwater #waterpollution ... See more

1 month ago
Toxic chemicals found in Canadian baby products, study finds | The Star

Selon une étude réalisée par l'agence de protection de l'environnement de l'ALENA, des douzaines de produits fabriqués au Canada ou importés, notamment des bavettes, des nattes et des couvertures, contiennent des produits chimiques ayant des liens connus avec le cancer et les maladies hormonales.

Dozens of Canadian-made or imported products, including baby bibs, mats and blankets, contain chemicals with known links to cancer and hormone-related illnesses, according to a study by the NAFTA ... See more

Two-thirds of Canadian-made and imported items in a study, including baby mats, bibs and blankets, were found to contain compounds with known links to cancer and hormone-related illnesses.

1 month ago
Air pollution during pregnancy tied to high blood pressure in kids

Women who breathe polluted air during pregnancy may be more likely to have children who develop high blood pressure, a U.S. study suggests.

Les femmes qui respirent de l'air pollué pendant la grossesse peuvent être plus susceptibles d'avoir des enfants qui développent une pression artérielle élevée, suggère une étude américaine.

(Reuters Health) - Women who breathe polluted air during pregnancy may be more likely to have children who develop high blood pressure, a U.S. study suggests.

1 month ago
Journée d'hypersensibilités environnementales_Environmental Sensitivities Day

Journée d’hypersensibilités environnementale_ Environmental Sensitivities Day

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