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Julie Galipeau

Julie Galipeau DC, EMRS

Consultant in electromagnetic hygiene

450 538-8356


Our electromagnetic environment (Wi-Fi, wireless technologies,
electronics and the electrical system of our homes) is playing an
increasingly important role in our lives. Many scientists and
international organizations warn us against the overuse of wireless
devices in our daily lives, a popularized and widespread technology
that has never been proven safe. A considerable amount of scientific
research confirms that these artificial fields can have harmful
consequences on our health.

The aim of
electromagnetic inspection is to raise awareness of this issue and to
make the necessary changes to a safe environment. This evaluation makes
visible the invisible and consists of identifying and measuring, using
professional instruments: electric and magnetic fields, microwave
radiation (wireless technology) and light vibration (electronic screens
/ light bulbs).

As a Chiropractor Julie has more than 25 years of practice in natural
health. It is by taking care of her sensitivity to Wi-Fi radiation that
she discovered an interest in better understanding this reality and
chose to pursue studies and reorient herself in environmental health.
She is a consultant in electromagnetic hygiene trained at the
International Institute of Biology and Ecology.

She also gives lectures that help to better understand the fog
of invisible waves around us and to understand their health impacts.