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Posts Written By: ASEQ-EHAQ

Stéphane Bélainsky

Stéphane Bélainsky is an electromagnetic hygiene technician, founding president of 3E. Aircraft and Helicopter Maintenance Technician, Bachelor in Operations Management with a long professional and educational pathway including biology, neuroscience, electricity and electromagnetic field metrology.…
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Michel Gaudet

Michel Gaudet has worked on environmental health issues for over twenty years. Most importantly, he played an important role in municipal and provincial legislation on pesticides. He is one of the founding members and President…
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Paul Héroux

Paul Héroux, Ph.D. Dr. Paul Héroux is a scientist with experience in electrical engineering (15 years), and in the health sciences (27 years). He started his research career at Institut de Recherche d'Hydro-Québec in Varennes,…
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John Molot

Dr. John Molot has been practising environmental medicine for more than 30 years. He has seen more than 12,000 people with environmentally linked conditions, like MCS. He has developed and provided workshops for both the…
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