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May 12 – Environmental Sensitivities Day 2018

Online pre-recorded conference: THE CALL OF THE CANARIES. From pre-conception to your golden years: Why does your environment matter? CLICK ABOVE LINK TO FIND OUT MORE AND REGISTER

14th Annual General Meeting 2018

We are pleased to invite you to our 14th Annual General Meeting Conference Putting out the FIRE Are Environmental Toxins Your Roadblock to Health? Speaker: Paola DeCicco BSc, ND

Get Together for the Holiday Season! 2017

ASEQ has planned a pot luck get together for the Holiday Season! A talk by Dr Barry Breger "Coping With the Holidays: How to minimize fallout"   - Lunch! - Games! Prizes to be won! All are welcome! Date: Saturday...

Workshops in fall 2017

Workshops in the Autumn! Register to have a place! First come, first serve! Spaces limited! EHAQ will be holding workshops in October and November on Environmental Sensitivities. The title of the workshop is ‘When the Environment Makes you Ill: Need...
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Cause toujours, désastre naturel

Cause toujours, désastre naturel

Environmental Sensitivities – ADR.TV (in french only)

Environmental Sensitivities – ADR.TV (in french only)

Michel Gaudet at ADR.TV Part 1.   Watch on ADR.TV...
ASEQ-EHAQ on the radio (french only)

ASEQ-EHAQ on the radio (french only)

Écoutez à la radio CKUT RADIO MCGILL: click here CIME...
Electrosmog may cause health problems, group says

Electrosmog may cause health problems, group says CBC News May 25, physician 2013 Smart meters use...
ECOASIS: Environmental Sensitivities (in french only)

ECOASIS: Environmental Sensitivities (in french only)

Read more – environmental sensitivities

Read more – environmental sensitivities

Did you know?... May is Environmental Sensitivities (ES) month. The...
2014 workshops

2014 workshops

Workshops on environmental sensitivities in: Québec City Sutton Gatineau St...
Montreal workshop

Montreal workshop

The workshop in Montreal was well attended and had participants...

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Over 1,000,000 Canadians diagnosed with environmental sensitivities

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1 month ago
Pollutants in your home

Michel Gaudet of the EHAQ explains what pollutants can be found in your home

1 month ago
Polluants chez vous

Michel Gaudet de l'ASEQ vous explique quels polluants peuvent se trouver dans votre maison.

1 month ago
Gender-bending chemical may cause inflammatory bowel disease L'exposition à un produit chimique dans les reçus et les bouteilles d'eau en plastique peut causer une maladie inflammatoire de l'intestin, selon une nouvelle étude.

Exposure to a gender-bending chemical found in receipts and plastic water bottles may cause inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), new research suggests.

Researchers from Texas A&M University found that exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) causes the same inflammation and gut bacteria changes in mice that occur in Crohn's and ulcerative colitis patients.

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